Join Us in Flooding Our Farmers With Love

Dave Asbury of Full Circle Farm in Longmont with Door to Door's Chad ArnoldSupporting local has never been more important. Colorado’s farmers, ranchers, and producers need our help as they recover from the floods. While millions of dollars in flood relief have been pouring in, “few of those dollars are going toward helping our farmers,” observed Local Food Shift, a nonprofit focused on helping Coloradoans shift 10% of their food budgets to locally sourced foods.

Door To Door Organics is the first and only grocer in the state of Colorado to go beyond the 10% pledge and take the 20% Local Food Shift pledge! That means we are committing to 20% of our sales coming from local foods so we can continue to support our farmers during these hard times. But we can’t do it without your help. And that’s why we’re asking you to continue to support local this winter. Some Colorado farmers and ranchers were devastated by the flood, losing crops, animals, and facilities – and thus, their livelihood. A few of our farmer partners are facing flood-related hardships right now, including Full Circle Farms in Longmont and Schnorr Farms in Fort Collins. Please join us and pledge to make your love for local official. Here’s how:

Local Food Shift & the 10% Pledge1. Take the 10% Local Food Shift pledge & we’ll give you $5 as thanks. The 10% pledge shows Colorado that we care about our communities. Pledge here and then get $5 off any local item you add to your box by using the code supportlocal13 when you check out at the Shop.

2. Spend your $5 on local foods. Your local food purchases can have a big impact on Colorado’s economy.  A 2008 study by Civic Economics found that for every dollar spent on products made by big businesses, only 15 cents goes back into the local community. But when it comes to buying from a local farmer or business, that number jumps up to 45 cents to every dollar going back into the community. Spend your $5 on a local product, and give $2.25 back to Colorado today.

Try the veggies from Full Circle Farms and help support them through these tough times. They lost their all their cucumbers, eggplants, and melons, in addition to several rows of lettuce and chard. You can still buy their kabocha squash, kale or green cabbage. Or try local products from these family farms who could use your support: Blue Range Ranch grass-fed meats and Morning Fresh Dairy farm-fresh milk.

3. Donate directly to farmers. Local Food Shift, The Community Foundation and Boulder County Farmer’s Market created the Front Range Farm Relief Fund to quickly direct dollars to farmers who need it most. Donate here.

We can’t thank you enough for joining us in our effort to support our farmers and shop local this winter. We really tried to make it easy for you to help — just shop our local section for winter veggies, grass-fed meats, farm-fresh milk, and more. If we all shop 20% local, together we can make all the difference in the world, or rather, all the difference for Colorado and those affected by the floods. Let’s do this! Let’s help Colorado!


  1. Love buying local? Show local farmers affected by the recent flooding some love then!