Planting in 2012 and Growing in 2013

Here at Door to Door Organics, we care about what you eat. So we spent 2012 finding the freshest, most delicious sustainably grown organic produce and natural groceries and bringing them right to your door. We also made the shopping experience more fun and convenient by improving account management, box customization, and Shop by Recipe features on the Website. This year, we also started delivering farm-fresh eggs, milk, and butter from local and organic dairy partners.

We also had a really great local food season this year. With an increase of over 18%  in our local food sales, and the addition of 3 new local farms and over 35 new local products. What’s not to like about local food? Fresh food is more nutritious, reduces food miles, and the dollars from sales of local food stay closer to home. Three cheers for local food!

When we weren’t delivering all that Good Food to your door, we were running food-drive events, taking steps to strengthen the integrity of our certified-organic products, and supporting food transparency efforts such as the mandatory labeling of GMOs. In 2012, we also became a certified B Corporation, or “Benefit Corporation,” a commitment to social and corporate responsibility only about 500 corporations in the world have made. It’s part of our effort to redefine what it means to be a successful company (it’s not all about the money) and to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

We’re really proud of all our successes in 2012. And we know we have you to thank for it.

What you want in 2013!
We also spent the past year talking to you by phone, on social media, and through surveys, to find out how we can improve. We love hearing from you and closely consider all your feedback so we can serve you better. Here are some highlights:

  • Almost 80% of you told us in our customer survey that you’re happy that shopping with Door to Door Organics reduces the number of trips you make to the store, so you can expect a big expansion of our organic and natural grocery selection in 2013.
  • You’ll soon see baby food on our site for the first time. We’re also expanding our offerings in some categories you told us you like best, so you’ll be seeing more whole and gluten-free grain options, snacks and nutrition bars, cookies, cereals, nut butters and jams, and oils and vinegars.
  • Many of you also told us (89% of you, actually) that Door to Door Organics helps you eat more fruit and veggies. And 88% of you agreed that shopping with us helps you feel healthier–that couldn’t make us happier! So we’re continuing to expand our fruit and veggie selection as well as rolling out cool, new features on our Shop page and in our recipe section, the Kitchen.
  • You also asked for more product and nutritional info to help you make shopping decisions, so were working on product ratings and shareable feedback on recipes. We think those reviews from other customers will inspire you when you’re looking for your next meal-time masterpiece, or just trying to get something healthy and delicious on the table before someone in your family gets a major case of the hungries and has a meltdown. You’ll also find the shopping experience to be more customized to your preferences and dietary concerns. So if you’re gluten-free and dairy-free, the recipes we suggest for you will also be free of gluten and dairy.
  • Last but not least, the Shop and Kitchen will become more integrated in 2013, so it will be a breeze to search for recipes when you’re shopping.

We’re working hard to be your Good Food source by finding the best food around and listening to your feedback, which makes us work even harder to serve you better. You make this all happen, and we want to thank you for contributing to the health of your family, our community, and the environment. We hope our efforts will make it more convenient and fun. We also want to say thanks by giving you $5 off any groceries you add to your order this week (12/28/12 to 1/3/13). Just use this code when checking out: THANKYOU2012. Here’s to a healthy, happy 2013!