Schenker Farms, A Family Farm!

Shane Hanson is the Location Director for our Kansas City operation. Shane got his start with Door to Door Organics working here in Colorado. First he packed boxes in the warehouse, then he ran the warehouse and now he’s the main man in KC! Shane recently wrote a blog piece about one of his favorite family farms, and we thought you might be interested to give it a read as well.

I would like to introduce you to a local farm favorite, Schenker Family Farms. Schenker Family Farms is owned and operated by Kevin and Cherie Schenker in the heart of Southeast Kansas. Together with their children, the Schenkers carry on a long family farm tradition started by Cherie’s great-grandfather at the turn of the 20th century. What makes Schenker Farms different? You’ll have to keep reading. …

The Schenkers are true stewards of the land and the bounty it provides. If you visit their farm, you will see animals grazing freely and eating specialty grasses on hundreds of acres of prairie. During the winter months, the animals are fed hay from native grasses. They have access to mineral supplements and fresh, clean water year round to maintain health.

The Schenker Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm, which means they DO NOT use chemical pesticides or herbicides. Also, the routine use of antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones is prohibited. If more farmers did it they way the Schenkers do, just think how much better off  the world would be! Schenker Farms is also Animal Welfare Approved. Check out the website to learn more, but why is this important to Door to Door Organics? We guarantee every product that goes in our boxes, whether it’s produce, meat, cheese, or anything else we carry. This certification guarantees that their animals are: raised on pasture or range; not dual produced; and are raised at the highest welfare standards. This certification has the most rigorous standards and is only awarded to family farmers.  Way to go Schenkers!

Last, but not least, thank you Schenker Farms and all our farmers for providing us with Good Food on our table each and everyday!