Delivering Good Food From Amish Farms to You

LFFC PlowWhen Casey Spacht is not shredding half pipes with his crew in his rented warehouse space, he’s visiting farmers, tilling fields, and running the daily operations of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC), a non-profit organization in Leola, Pennsylvania. LFFC works with roughly 80 small Amish family farms to connect them with families looking for fresh Good Food in the Tri-State area.

When Casey started the co-op in 2008, he had no previous farming experience. “Just a passion for local, sustainable foods and building healthy communities,” he says. “My vision was to help local, organic farmers that needed outlets for their food.” Before co-founding LFFC, Casey co-founded a non-profit community housing project as well as an animal rescue center.

LFFC’s farmers grow organic produce and raise animals with integrity, commitment, love, hard work, and attention to detail. “We look for farmers who have the drive to grow great crops and treat animals [well] while maintaining soil integrity,” Casey says. LFFC is able to source farm-fresh food quickly, despite the challenge of some Amish and Mennonite farmers not using phones or the Internet. In much the same way things were done 100 years ago, Casey visits those farmers in person to see what’s freshest that day. On harvest day, farmers will pick the food, package it all up, and wait for the LFFC pickup truck to come around. Then the truck delivers to us so we can get you this fresh produce and other Good Food faster than if the farmer made the journey by horse and buggy.

With LFFC handling the distribution, the farmers can focus on what they do best: growing food. “Who wants to work on distribution and marketing when you could be walking barefoot out in the field, working with the plants and taking care of the soil alongside your family?” Casey adds. Find the fruits of these labors (and veggies, dairy items, meat, and more) from LFFC at the Shop, including products like Apple Tree Chevre and organic produce like Chioggia Beets and Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes.