“Farm-to-Table” Dinners Delivered to Your Door

_MG_2221Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Jane’s Kitchen, a small, love-grown operation that recently created a new lineup of summertime meals that we’ll deliver right to your door. I got so inspired, I had to share Jane’s story with you.

Jane’s Kitchen is located in Basking Ridge, NJ, which was settled during the 1720s and has a historic charm that shines through in its quaint storefront-lined streets and a slower pace that compliments the surrounding rolling hills and farmland. It’s the perfect spot for this small meal-delivery and catering company, which was born of one local woman’s love of the “slow food” lifestyle—and her mission to create nourishing, scratch-made meals fresh daily, from organic ingredients and locally grown produce.

jane and vanAs a child, Jane Morrell, the founder of Jane’s Kitchen, was expected to be at the dinner table by 6 p.m., no excuses. As an adult, her appreciation for every aspect of food, from seed to table, deepened, and she felt called to share it with members of her community who lack the time to conjure culinary magic in their own kitchens every night of the week.

Since 2008, Jane’s Kitchen has been creating stress-free “farm-to-table” meals that are full of nutritious organic ingredients mostly grown in her home garden or sourced from nearby farms.

Jane’s path to Jane’s Kitchen started when she was a member of a local CSA and began cooking meals for other members that quickly became a big hit. “It wasn’t long before I started receiving requests for more meals,” Jane says. A testament to the consistent appeal of her meals: The first person ever to order back in 2008 is still an active customer!


About Jane’s Kitchen meals: All meals are made with produce grown in  Jane’s garden using organic practices—where chickens wander around, protected by the family dog, Maggie—or sourced locally from River Bend Farm or Chickadee Creek Farm during the local growing season and from Alberta Organics during the winter months. Animal proteins are raised without antibiotics; no processed or genetically modified ingredients are used. All the meals are prepared in a certified kitchen and Jane is Serve Safe Certified.

Jane’s Kitchen new lineup of summertime meals include: Chicken Arugula Salad, Grilled Veggie Wrap, Kitchen Sink Potato Salad, Greek Orzo Salad & more!