Get to Know Your Local Farmers

We’re inspired by the local family farmers who grow the Good Food we deliver to you. That’s why we get so excited about sharing their stories any way we can—like the farmer trading cards we tucked into your boxes throughout the summer of 2014. Meet some of our favorite farmers in this slide show, including Blue Moon Acres, Oyler’s Organic Farms & Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.

Our local farmer partners grow high-quality organic apples, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, salad greens & more—the fresh Good Food that fills your box each week!

Casey Spacht founded nonprofit Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op to connect about 90 family farmers (mostly Amish) with customers, helping build healthier local communities.

“Our farms use horse or mule power only—there’s not one tractor,” says Casey Spacht.

Bill Oyler’s family has been farming in south-central Pennsylvania since 1729, when they emigrated from Germany.

Ladybugs help keep the aphids away, naturally, at Oyler’s Organic Farms.

An innovator in sustainable agriculture practices, Blue Moon Acres partners with the local Rodale Institute to build healthy soil.

Blue Moon uses organic compost extract to strengthen crop roots from infestation and plants clover between crop rows to suck up extra water when there’s heavy rain.