How to Grill Pizza [Infographic]

Why turn on the oven on hot summer days when you can grill your favorite pizza faster on the backyard BBQ? This infographic shows you how to get that smoky brick-oven taste at home. It’s easy with Chef Chris’ pizza grilling tips and recipes for four pies we’re tossing on the grill all summer.

How to Grill Pizza [Infographic] Learn how to grill a pizza in 7 easy steps, plus Chef Chris' ultimate grilling tips, and get 4 unique grilled pizza recipes.

Visit Door to Door Organics to find a basic pizza dough recipe you can make in 20 minutes. You’ll also find Chef Chris’ favorite recipes for perfect pies to grill, from Pesto Goat Cheese or Grilled Greek Pizza to ones topped with everything from bacon and salmon to arugula and fruit. There’s even a Grilled Banana Split Pizza…seriously.

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