Introducing a New (Old) Favorite: Boulder Organic! Soups

If one meal embodies the feeling of home, it’s soup. “Soup is very comforting, sentimental, and nurturing,” says Kate Brown, founder of Boulder, Colorado-based Boulder Organic!, the only U.S. producer of ready-made soups that are 100% fresh, organic, and gluten-free. (You may already know–and love­–the soups under their former name, Boulder Soup Works.)

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Made in one of the country’s healthiest cities, these handcrafted soups are a wholesome addition to your day, whether as a quick lunch or dinner. Best-selling Roasted Tomato with Basil, for instance, contains only 61 calories and 3 grams of fat per 8-ounce serving. Nutrition research backs up soup’s health-boosting powers. Soup eaters have a smaller waist circumference and a lower BMI than those who don’t eat soup, according to an Iowa State University study. James Hollis, PhD, the study’s author, explains that “pureed foods’ nutrients enter the bloodstream faster, increasing the levels of hormones that signal when you’ve eaten enough.” In layman’s terms, that means eating soup leaves you satiated and satisfied. But you already knew that, right? “I wasn’t intending on starting a food company,” Brown told me during a recent chat. In 2006, Brown was simply looking for high-quality, store-bought soup for her daughter and herself, both of whom follow a gluten-free diet. What she found was dismal nutrition and flavor, so she stepped up to the stove to make her own.

It turns out, she was good at it. She focused on four recipes at first: Green Pea with Dill, Roasted Tomato with Basil, Potato Leek, and Red Lentil Dahl. Friends and neighbors joined her for soup tastings, gave her feedback on the delicious creations and encouraged her to sell them. Word got around and one day, Whole Foods called. “They said, we hear you make these great gluten-free soups,” she recalls. They’d struggled to source gluten-free soup because most manufacturers used flour to thicken the soup base, they told her. The fact that Brown’s soups also were made with only certified-organic ingredients didn’t hurt, either. Although Whole Foods was immediately interested, Brown took her time sourcing the right ingredients and perfecting recipes for commercial production before launching as Boulder Soup Works in 2009.


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The company recently underwent a major rebranding effort to relaunch as Boulder Organic!, partly in anticipation of introducing non-soup foods, perhaps sauces and sides. At the Shop, we carry Potato Leek, Red Lentil Dahl, Garden Minestrone, Golden Quinoa with Kale, Butternut Squash with Sage, and Brown’s personal favorite, Green Chile Corn Chowder. The soups are still cooked in small-batch kettles from fresh, hand-cut organic vegetables, 40 percent of which are sourced locally when in season. The brand offers vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options, and uses only organic chicken stock.

Stop by the Shop to add a from-scratch Boulder Organic! soup (or two) to your order. When you’re craving a heartier meal, check out our Soup It Up roundup of recipes you can put together quickly with these soups as the main ingredient to create dishes like Green Chile Corn Chowder Huevos RancherosRed Lentil Dahl with Rice and Spinach.