Meet the Folks at Oyler’s Organic Farms

Oyler’s Organic Farms is an organic apple & peach orchard located in south-central Pennsylvania, in the town of Biglersville. Bill Oyler’s family has been farming in this part of the state since 1729, when they emigrated from Germany.

A fifth-generation farmer, Bill farms the land just as his 18th Century ancestors once did. “Our organic farming practices are based on nutrients, which provide energy for everything on our farm. Light is energy & this is our way of lighting up the world with healthy food to make healthy people.” Meet Bill and the rest of the Oylers, who grow your local, organic apples.

We drove out to Oyler’s Organic Farms in Biglersville, Pa., just outside of Gettysburg, this spring to tour the orchard. The trees were exploding with apple blossoms.

Established in 1832, the 360-acre farm & orchard has been certified organic since 2003.

Fifth-generation farmer Bill Oyler (at left) farms the land with his children, Mary Ann, Katrina, Sara (holding granddaughter Rebecca) & Jacob.

At Oylers Organic Farms, the team grows several organic apple varieties, including Braeburn, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Golden Supreme, Ida Red, Red Delicious & York.

Oyler’s grows succulently sweet organic peaches, too!

Bill Oyler relies on natural pest control, like ladybugs, who just love to feast on aphids.