Weaver Valley Farms: A Lancaster Family Tradition

John Stoltzfus started raising beef and pork more than 17 years ago to feed his family. Over the years, friends began asking if they could purchase the family’s beef and pork products, so six years ago John started selling beef and pork under the name Weaver Valley Farms. The family’s mission is to provide quality meats at competitive prices, using all-natural pasture grass for the health of the animals, the land, and their customers. Door To Door Organics Tri-State is excited to be carrying Weaver Valley grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free steaks, roasts and pork.

Weaver Valley 33Weaver Valley Farms is located in Lancaster County in the small town of Strasburg, Pa., where farming fields and rolling pastures go on for miles and miles. “At any given time, we will have 90 to 100 animals on the farm, which are all purchased from neighboring farmers and never from auction,” says John, who explains that animals from auction often get sick and local ones from neighboring farms are just plain healthier.

At the farm, cows graze on non-GMO pastures while the pigs munch on a diet of non-GMO corn.  John and his sons also grow their own hay and alfalfa without pesticides for additional summer and winter feeding. The USDA certifies Weaver Valley for not using any hormones, additives, antibiotics, growth implants, or animal by-products in their feed.

Weaver Valley is known for producing juicy and tender beef products, thanks to a dry-aging process that John thinks is the best Weaver Valley 30way to improve texture and lock in flavor. The beef is then stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled coolers for 14 days before being processed locally at Smucker’s in Mount Joy. After trying the Weaver Valley beef  we totally agree, it’s delicious!

Weaver Valley Farms understands that local food is natural and reliable. “The majority of our customers prefer to know where their food comes from, and they trust our years of hands-on experience,” John says.

Some of the Weaver Valley products you’ll find at the Shop include Ground Round, Delmonico Steaks, Sliced Bacon, and many more. Drop us a comment below and let us know what choice cut of beef you enjoy most.


  1. Olga Babash says:

    Do they offer cows/pigs feet as well?

  2. Olga Babash says:

    Do they offer cows/pigs feet as well?